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A little bit about me.

I am a graphic designer and I use my love of typography to design my papercuts. Each design starts with a quote that catches my attention – I come across these anywhere – reading, looking and listening wherever I go.

I take my time making sure each design results in a piece of art that you will love for many years. Each papercut is created individually which allows me to offer flexibility for customisation – this can be with the personalisation of a quote or a choice on the colour of card used. Each papercut is made using lovely artist quality card which has a slight texture.

I have always been interested in creating and making. I grew up in Hong Kong and as a child spent many hours painting at my dining room table and making things with clay and paper-maché. As a teenager, my mother shared with me her love of cooking and this inspired me to study hotel management and catering at university. Being in Hong Kong also surrounded me with a wonderful range of different cuisines. I was living in a true melting pot – being Indian, living within a Chinese culture and surrounded by friends from all around the world!

As my career progressed I moved into the restaurant business and partnered a company that developed successful and trendy restaurants and bars in Hong Kong.  This took me to many countries in South East Asia and fueled my already established love of travel. It was from this work where my interest in graphic design began and I soon realised that this was really what I wanted to do.

Moving to London and starting a family, allowed me to become a student again and I started my study in graphic design.  Since graduating,  I have worked as a freelance graphic designer supporting small and medium sized businesses.  I have always wanted to use my design skills to ‘make’ things and when I discovered papercutting, I knew this was a perfect medium for me.

What I love most (apart from designing the papercuts) is hearing from my customers.  Many of the requests I receive have stories behind them and I share some of these in my social media feeds.

I hope you enjoy my work as much I as love making it!  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions, stories or ideas. Email me at