Don't let them forget you! Gifts for University and College Leavers

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Open When Envelopes

New design alert!  We have developed a set of 'Open When' envelopes to give to a loved one when leaving home for college or university.  Each envelope is designed with a special message in mind. They can be filled with gifts such as chocolates, photos, recipes, money, jewellery or key rings. 

Leaving home can be a little tricky and these envelopes help smooth some of the ups and downs that students can face whilst away.

Each set comes as a minimum pack of 10 with 24 quotes to choose from (you are able to add your own too!). 

The envelopes are A5 in size (21x15cm) so are large enough to fill with something significant.

Open When Envelopes for University Leavers

Open When Envelope

Open When Envelopes for College Leavers

Personalised key rings and gifts would make a great envelope filler. Stamped With Love makes these and has so many designs to choose from. Below are a couple that would be perfect for these envelopes.

And to finish off with a cocktail. University students will love you if you gift them this print - they can hang it on their bedroom or kitchen wall.  A great inspiration for many fun nights in.  Or you could always buy it for yourself!

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