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Do you work alone? Like many small business owners, I spend quite a lot of time working on my own, talking to myself!  I have BBC Radio 4 and Alexa for company most of the time, and of course Gus who sleeps at my feet for some of the day.
I like people! and do miss being in an office environment, chatting with co-workers, bouncing ideas off them and catching up on gossip.  I have found many ways around it.  A couple of years ago, I joined a local artist group and it became part of my 'alternative office'.  The group meet regularly for coffee and a catch up and I've met some lovely people through it.  
They organise many art shows throughout the year, the largest being Open Studios.  It will be the biggest event ever this year with 80 artists showing a range of 2D and 3D work over 19 different venues around Kingston upon Thames. I'm opening my studio (venue number 5 on the trail map below) with 3 other artists joining me. Come and see where I work and be part of my expanding 'alternative office'. Bonus: you'll get to meet Gus :-)
The trail map below can be used to plan a route (many venues have parking available).
Date and time: 9-10 June or 16-17 June 2018. Open 11am-5pm each day.
More information or if you're a local artist and would like to join the group please check out the website:

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