The start of a journey

Let's start at the very beginning.  I have been running Ant Design Gifts for a number of years and have made big changes to my site a couple of times along the way but I am the most excited about this new start.  I have many ideas and plans of how I'm going to grow and develop and this includes writing more about the things I get up to both personally and for my business.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  I promise not to have long winded stories and will only write about things that interest me and I hope this interests you too.  Here below you'll see me on one of my walks and I thought it was a good analogy for the start of my new journey here. (image above is of wildflowers I collected on the same walk)


My dog is Gus (short for Gustavo from Breaking Bad that we were addicted to at the time got him). He's now nearly 4 years old and is a velvet black cockerpoo and I love him madly.  He's a little nuts though and one thing that makes me laugh every time is how crazy he gets when I come home.  I may have gone out for 1 minute or 1 hour, the reaction is the same, and this includes a shoe he gives me as a gift, every time.  Let me know if you have a dog (or any other pet), what breed and one funny thing he/she does.

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